Mister Softee

FullSizeRender-5Mister Softee is another food truck that I visited when I went to the Ventura Food Truck Friday. As some of you can guess, this food truck serves soft serve ice cream. They serve other things as well, of course, like milkshakes and sundaes, but the ice cream is their main item they serve. They have chocolate and vanilla flavored ice cream, that you can add tons of toppings on, from chocolate dip to butterscotch. A lot of this is classic ice cream stuff, but as a truck, it’s a perfect place to go for a quick sweet treat.


Mister Softee is a chain that is spread all across the US. Despite this, and because of the way that there is no easy way to find food trucks, they’re still fairly unpopular and unknown, in a large-scale. I only found out who they were while on a short trip out-of-town, and looking for a truck for this blog, and even then there was no way for me to know if they were even open and if I could visit them, we ended up having to pass on them, which is why I’m writing now, instead of a couple of weeks ago.


When I went, with my mom, we both got a cone of vanilla ice cream, one with chocolate sprinkles, and one with rainbow. This was the softest ice cream I had ever had in my life; despite the fact that it was a cold night, (for Santa Barbara) it still began to melt as I took pictures, which took no more than a couple of minutes. Despite having to eat it somewhat quickly, it was still delicious and a perfect way to end a day of food truck eating.


On yelp, these trucks have 4-5 stars, but I’ll focus on the SoCal truck, which has a rating of 4.5 stars, out of 11 reviews. Every review but two are 5 stars, and only one is a 1 star, which is because of (what seems to me) a specific encounter about a certificate and having them cater a party. Let me know below what you would rate them, or what your favorite topping on ice cream is! I’ll see you next week, and remember,


Keep Trucking On!