Where Are All The Trucks?

Over the past week, while trying to find a food truck for (what was supposed to be) this week’s post, it occurred to me just how difficult it is to find a food truck, especially if it’s in a city you don’t live in or know very well.

Side view of the bus

It seems to me that you can only find food trucks via word of mouth, which is incredibly frustrating. There is no organized and inclusive way to find food trucks, and those websites or apps that are close, are generally largely outdated, and, at least in Santa Barbara, about half of the trucks are completely out of commission.

Churro Truck from the back/side

I was going on a small trip over the weekend, so I had a couple of cities that weren’t SB to look for food trucks at, to post about for this week. After over an hour of research about two different cities and around 10 different food trucks, I found a single food truck that was open on Sunday, but might have been at an event that you needed tickets to go to. They might have also had another food truck open, but I’m not sure.

FullSizeRender-2 copy
Burger Bus cheeseburger

Even with the bare amount of information that I got, I still wasn’t even sure if it was all true and accurate. This is not exactly a problem that’s caused by the owners of food trucks, but it certainly doesn’t help that none of them seem to post very often of social media. From what I’ve learned, though, they do respond, to the best of their ability, impossibly quickly and succinctly to any questions you may have.

Neighbor Tim’s BBQ

All in all, it is way more difficult than it should be to find food trucks in cities that aren’t big or don’t have a huge food truck community. Of course, I might be totally wrong about this, so if any of you know of a good, effective way to find food trucks, I would be so thankful if you commented what it was!

Dave’s Dogs hot dogs

Sorry for the lack of relation to the photos, it’s hard to find a photo that fits with this post! I’ll see you all next week and remember,

Keep Trucking On!




Save The Food Trucks


Recently, when I went to a food truck in Goleta, called Neighbor Tim’s BBQ, my mom started a conversation with Tim himself, and started talking about the food truck business. Something that came up was the recent lack of other trucks and we were wondering why they suddenly stopped selling. Tim told us about a new set of regulations that the city of Santa Barbara is going to put in place regarding food trucks. He was talking about how these regulations are strict and could possibly send him out of business, so I decided to research them a bit.

When I actually read the list of regulations to be set in place, I suddenly understood his concern. Some of these new rules, such as only being able to set up for an hour at max, and only being able to serve food from 7am to 4pm, would absolutely lead to at least one truck going out of business. And this is purposeful, as they originally tried to ban all trucks from all streets in the city of Santa Barbara, but couldn’t since state laws forbid that.

(Here is the actual list of regulation to be put in place in case anyone is curious -> http://civicaweb.santabarbaraca.gov/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=167621 )


After discovering that, I decided to base my blog off of that: food trucks. Of course, this blog’s purpose is only to bring awareness and a sense of understanding about to this subculture (not to have an excuse to go to a food truck at least once a week, not at all..)

img_0013-jpg  img_9920

Throughout this blog, though, I won’t just be focusing on the specific trucks and the people who work there, (though I’m hoping I can make that a big part of it!) I will also be making posts about food trucks in general and about the whole culture. I will also hopefully be able to, with other people’s experiences, blog about food trucks and food truck events that happen outside of Santa Barbara!

So please, go out and support and enjoy your local food trucks, no matter where you live, and always think about the people who run them, who are just trying to start a business!

And always remember to Keep Trucking On!