Cousins Maine Lobster

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When I first started this blog, it required some research about food trucks and which ones were popular and which ones succeeded. Again and again, this lead me to Cousins Maine Lobster, which had first appeared on Shark Tank and then later, the people who ran it were brought to judge The Great Food Truck Race. Due to reading about them so often, I have really wanted to write about them for a very long time. Since the closest truck to me is in LA, I never really thought that I would be able to actually try their food. But since they actually ended up coming to the Midtown Ventura’s Food Truck Friday, I got to experience them!


Since I’ve never found them in LA, I don’t know exactly where they set up or when, but according to their website they seem to have at least 3 different trucks that go all over the city at all different time, according to the schedule that they have put up on their website.

When I visited their truck, me and my mom got two lobster rolls and an order of tater tots. While I’m not a huge fan of sea food, I thought that the lobster tasted fresh and creamy, and my mom thought that it was good. We both really enjoyed the tater tots since they had good flavoring and weren’t boring. The taste and texture of the tots when really well with the rolls, which I hadn’t figured would work, but to be fair I don’t eat a lot of lobster rolls.

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On yelp, they have a 3.5 star rating out of 737 reviews; a lot of the high star ratings say that while there was either a long wait, or that it cost a lot, it was worth it since they provided a lot of lobster in the rolls and it was so delicious, while a lot of the lower ratings say that it’s overpriced for the quality and amount of food that you get.

Write a comment about your experience with lobsters; I’ll see you next week and remember,

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