Hi there everyone! My name is Claire and I’m from the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California, and I am in a very serious relationship with food. I live with my parents and my three cats, Jason, Muffin, and Kittles, whom are the lights of my life. I also am a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School, where I spend my days suffering away with a significant lack of good food.

Loving food so much has, of course, led me to eat at some of the food trucks in SB, but a new set of regulations might end up running them out of business. This is what motivated me to start this blog, to let people know about this regulation, and the trucks, so they can show their support for the people who run these trucks, and for the business itself.

I’m also a huge superhero nerd and, when going to Disneyland with my friend, I dragged her into into the line to take a photo with “Spiderman”, and even got him to sign the photo!


(I’m the one on the left)