Beefhearts is a popup and catering restaurant that specializes in gourmet meat dishes. They most commonly show up at M Special Brewery and Draughtsmen Aleworks, in Goleta. When I went to eat there, they were only serving one thing, their pork sliders, so my view of their food is very limited. Since they are a pop-up, it could be debated that they are not really a food truck, but also, I would argue that they are a mobile food service, that have no official business front, that they are at least similar enough to count.

Front table, with chef Nick Bodden

From what I can tell, when they do a pop up, they usually only bring one food to serve that has already been pre-prepared, so they only need to assemble the food. Sliders, which is something that they commonly serve, is one example of a way to do this. This isn’t the only thing they sell though; on their website they show items such as Creole Cassoulet, a dish of prosciutto, chicken, and pork with white beans, pickled sweet peppers, cilantro and scallion creme served over Fritos chips, Nashville hot chicken, served with coleslaw, pickles, cornbread and honey, and many others!

Sliders from top
Sliders from side

As for the sliders; they were stuffed with pork belly and coleslaw, with a Habanero tomato sauce, on a Hawaiian roll. This was so delicious! The flavors all complimented each other and worked impossibly well together. The spicy sauce played with the sweet bread and the savory pork created a large arrange of flavors; the coleslaw keeps everything in the slider fresh, too.

Individual pork slider

They don’t have any ratings on yelp as of yet, but they seem to be fairly popular, and are getting lots of catering jobs, and with what I tasted of their food, I can see why. The chefs, too, were very nice and let me take lots of pictures. All in all, this pop up is so good and I would highly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Santa Barbara for a couple of days.

I’ll see you next week and always remember,

Keep Trucking On!



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