Making A Dave’s Dog

Ever wonder what makes a Dave’s Dog so good? Well so did I, and that’s why I decided to make my own a couple of night ago. I chose to remake the original Dave’s Style, and the BBQ Bacon dogs.

In the Dave’s Style, there’s bacon, tomato, chopped onion, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and sour cream. I decided to not include tomatoes for my own creation, since I don’t like them. The BBQ Bacon, however, includes BBQ sauce, bacon, and mayonnaise. Simple but delicious.

Bacon, onion, hot dog buns, and hot dogs
Mayo, BBQ sauce, sour cream, mustard, and ketchup

First, I started with cooking the bacon, since that would take me the longest and was necessary for both dogs. When the bacon was about halfway done, I started cooking the hot dogs, and popped the buns in the oven. This way everything was done at roughly the same time.

However, what I made was not exactly like an original Dave’s Dog, most particularly because of its presentation and the way they’re cooked. At the Dave’s Dogs truck, they cook everything that they need to on a grill, but I didn’t have access to one, so I had to use an oven and stove in replacement. Also, I couldn’t even begin to imagine that I had the same exact condiments used for a Dave’s Dog.


Despite this, my hot dogs were delicious! They didn’t taste exactly like a Dave’s Dog, but they were definitely something that I would make again if I had the time and was willing to put in the effort. I gave my dad the BBQ Bacon one, and he seemed to really enjoy it too, so I can assume that they were both really good.


Anyways, be sure to leave in the comments what your favorite Dave’s Dog is, or if you’ve never been to Dave’s Dogs, let me know your favorite dish from your favorite food truck! Have a good week and always remember,

Keep Trucking On!


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